Why don’t Monkeys have eyebrow? What if our Eyebrows Disappeared?


would I lie to you? It’s a fact that Eyebrows can do the thing that humans cannot. Humans cannot express there feeling to their loved ones, its eyebrow that reflects your feeling. It is like an angle’s soul full of purity and crystal clarity. The eyebrow is a reflector of your feelings. The eyebrow is armour for your eyes.  Eyebrows are not only for physical attraction.

What would you do if your eyebrow disappears?

Ans: I would draw them again. 😛

That’s not a solution. Our eyebrows do more than sticking upside your eye, It has some function for which it exists and is not having habitat loss. Here are some important works of your Eyebrow:

  1. Prevents Sweat to enter your Eye from the Forehead

  2. Blocks dirt falling into your Eyes

  3. Helps Expressing your Feelings

  4. Human communication

What happens if our Eyebrows disappear?

  1. Demand for Artificial Eyebrow will skyrocket
  2. The cosmetic industry or small shops will bear a loss.
  3. Demand for eyebrow pen and liner increase.
  4. Our eyes have to bear the pressure of sweat and dirt.
  5. Your mom cannot catch your Lie.  😃
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