Over thinking

Hey, what’s up are you an overthinker, are you finding a solution to be free from depression, stress, sadness and want to live a happy and joyful life just go ahead this is for you. I’m damn sure that you will learn something definitely.

1. What is overthinking?

Overthinking means just coming unnecessary thoughts. Unnecessary thoughts mean the thoughts which are useless no use in our real life. These thoughts will come especially when you don’t have anything to do. But there are a lot of people who are addicted to overthinking. That kind of person overthinks in busy also. They are just doing one work but the mind is working in another place. Such kind of people have no concentration or focus upon their work. (if you are that kind of people don’t worry just go ahead).
When one thought arises in our mind, immediately so many thoughts arise in our mind that is not a problem but the problem arises when we flow with those thoughts. There are so many people that they spend their time by flowing with these kinds of thoughts. They create their own imaginary world and live there. They go far away from real life. So due to this, they become sad they hold great fear in deep inside.

2. How overthinking distract you from work?

Overthinking can easily distract you from work. Let us take one example, Suppose you are trying to focus upon study, so many thoughts arise in your mind. These thoughts are just trying to distract you from a focus upon one thing. And you easily listen to them because you are already addicted to them and you get easily distracted and you leave the study. This is how overthinking can easily distract you from your work.

3. What is the difference between thinking and overthinking?

While talking about thinking, thinking basically refers to planning about something. Suppose you want to edit your photo you may think about how to make it more attractive. Is it good to use kinemaster or adobe photoshop and any other? But overthinking means if I keep this photo on my Instagram or Facebook or somewhere what people will think about me, what my relatives will think about me, what my friends think will about me. So basically overthinking means thinking about someone thinking.

4. Why overthinkers have so much fear or anxiety?

Due to overthinking people are living in great fear or anxiety. They just flow with their thoughts and end up with negative thoughts and become fearful. One of the main problems to come fear is that overthinker lives in an imaginary world, not in real life. They think that their thoughts are their life and that is not true. life is running in reality.

5. Is it good or bad to control overthinking thoughts?

Never try to control your thoughts. I personally suggest you never try to control your thoughts because when you start controlling your thoughts it will arise more and more. It can destroy you and your happiness. You are not only controlling you are trying to win that thought. This is the world’s most dangerous thing that you are trying to do with your mind. Let’s say you are trying to control the thoughts of smoking cigarettes or any bad thoughts. If you try to control this thought or any bad thoughts which you don’t like, day by day you will realize that the more you are controlling the more it is coming and due to this you want to smoke more and more.

6. So, what to do with overthinking?

Literally, there is nothing to do. Either positive thoughts or negative thoughts at first they are just thoughts nothing more than this. Just don’t give them power. Just think there is no mistake of my mind because it’s nature is to think and it’s reality. If there is nothing to do or think, it is doing its job by thinking unnecessary thoughts. I’m the one who follows these unnecessary thoughts, I’m the one who is giving power to them. Then who is going to suffer fear, anxiety, depression, sad obviously me. And we blame the world that the world is so cruel, so selfish. It depends upon you how you see the world.

7. How overthinking turns you into depression, sadness,anxiety, or fear?

There are so many people who just get sad even in a sitting . They just think whatever their thoughts come. They have no control over their thoughts. They just flow with their thoughts and they end up with negative thoughts and become sad. In this case, there is no issue or problem with the world. They are creating problems on their own due to overthinking.

8. How to live without depression, sadness, stress, anxiety, or fear?

See, the mind is one of the sweetest, dangerous, inexpressible internal part. The nature of the mind is made to think. There is serious no issue with the mind. If there is nothing to think it does its job by thinking negative thoughts because negative thoughts come itself without any invitation card. I always want to give you stress, depression. It always wants to pull you backward. It generates so many thoughts and if you don’t give them power. It is just a thought either negative or positive there is no issue with my mind and that’s reality, it will become easy to relax and calm your mind automatically you become free from depression, stress, fear, sadness.

9. What is the best method to be free from every kind of stress, depression, sadness, fear, and live a happy and joyful life?

In this modern age, everyone wants good things without doing anything. But to live a joyful life you really need to do something because in this case, fake ideas do not work. And that method is so simple. So, what is that method?
The answer is Yoga and meditation.

If you do yoga and meditation, you will realize that your mind has become so relaxed, calm, and depression free, stress-free, free from every kind of distraction within a week. If you don’t have depression, stress, sadness, automatically you are living a joyful life. I’m talking about joy, not pleasure. People are running for pleasure. Pleasure means short time happiness. Suppose you are going to a big restaurant or suppose you are making something delicious food in your home. After sometime when you return from the restaurant or finish your delicious food your happiness is over, finished. That was for the short term.
But joy means long term happiness. Either am I going to a restaurant or not, either am I going to eat delicious food or not I’m just happy within myself. (Don’t you want this kind of happiness).
I suggest you run for joyfulness life. And that will come from Yoga and Meditation. And if you are living a joyful life, everything will come joyfully. That means the world will become joyful and what we need more than this to live life.
There are a lot of videos on YouTube, you can watch, learn, and do and live a happy and joyful life.
This is my personal experience of changing my life from overthinking. I have not collected any material from the website of Google. I have just written from my own mind and experience. Hope you enjoy this.
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Thank you!

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